Students and Academic Pressure

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Aaron Smith, The 33 News. Published: June 17, 2012 It's estimated that nearly 400 million people worldwide belong to either Facebook or MySpace. But doctors are now finding social Websites can lead to depression. "I mean a lot of drama that goes on there. And people talking bad about each other," says Bryan Forsberg, talking about online social networks. Whether it's a break up, rejection, or envy, cyberspace can feel real; even causing depression. With both MySpace and Facebook, you have to request friends and then wait to be accepted. Normally, you get an email; but if it doesn't come, you can feel alone. On social Websites, the number of friends on your page also matters. Social networker Mohammed Gol says, "If someone has more friends…show more content…
The negative effects of being this “plugged in” are beginning to take enormous effect on kids. Because social interaction comes overwhelmingly online rather than face to face, American youth are showing severe lack of social skills. They are often more comfortable with technology than they are with talking to people. They have not learned the proper communication and conversation skills, how to deal with interpersonal situations and how to date and get to know other people behind the screen. Researchers have found that the middle-school, high school and college students who used Facebook at least once during a 15 minute period get lower grades overall.,d.bmk Impact of Social Networking Websites on Students Source: Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Author: Shahzad Khan The purpose of this research study is to explore the impact of social networking websites on students. A research questionnaire was designed to determine the factors of social networking websites that have impact on students. Variables identified are age, gender, education, social influence and academic
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