Students and University Life Adjustments

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Students and University Life Adjustments Human life consists of various stages and each stage has its own characteristics and features. Proceeding through these stages is a joyful experience and human beings always long for the next stage to come. No doubt, people enjoy recollecting old memories but there is always a charm in imagining the time to come. It is valid for all individuals but for the students, the next stage is the symbol of progress and development. Students particularly wish for the next stage which they see their seniors passing by and long for the same phase to come in their life. Entering university life is one of the most special events of students' lives. It is because of multiple reasons. The first and foremost reason is its being the highest level of educational institute one can attend in life. University provides maximum learning and development opportunities to students. Furthermore, as the universities go global, their cultures become diverse and provide the students with an environment in which they learn about various countries, their backgrounds, preferences and cultures. University education is not the same as imparted in school and college. The teaching methods are different, so are the contents and teaching styles. In many universities, choices related to class schedule are also given. All these aspects make university a charming place and students wish to start their university life with enthusiasm. This paper gives an idea about the
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