Students must Learn, Practice and Apply their Knowledge to Achieve Achieve Success

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Time is one of the major factors in learning .In order for learners to achieve success in any field, they need time to learn ,practice and apply what they have learned to fulfill goals (Farbman ,A-N). Educational institutes in the US nowadays are trying to improve the quality of the education offered to students, therefor, there is a growing concern on how to use educational resources effectively such as time in learning. Previous researches indicated that there is a direct relation between the amount of time given to instruction and learning. This paper contributes to this growing literature on the effect of the long time spending in the educational institutes on students’ performance and achievement. In order to examine the impact of long instructional hours on student success and performance an action research project has been conducted at the ELS center in Murfreesboro. Aim of the Research

The main of this research is to investigate the students' perspectives concerning the long instructional hours in the ELS Center.

The Research Objectives The objectives of the project is to identify the advantages and the disadvantages of the long working hours in the ELS center as well as offering suggestions for alternative scheduling to improve the quality of education offered by the center and might also increase students productivity and performance in the future.

Research Problem The study problem can
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