Students vs. The System Essay

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Students vs. the System

Education has always been a great factor in determining human survival and success. Whether it is learning to live in a harsh environment or learning to manage a company, education is and always will be incredibly significant. Education is so important in modern society that a system of grades has been developed to evaluate students of all ages and levels. In Paul Goodman’s essay “A Proposal to Abolish Grading” he argues that the grading system that is commonly used in our society is ineffective and should be done away with. This idea is wrong since there are many positive outcomes that result from the current grading system.
Goodman opens up his piece by making his claim that grades have take precedence over
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“But if the aim is to discover weakness, what is the point of down-grading and punishing it, and thereby inviting the student to conceal his weakness, by faking and bulling, if not cheating?” (Goodman 208). Why is testing for weakness a bad thing? If a test is returned to a student and it is heavy with errors, it is the student’s responsibility to correct the mistakes for the next test. Once a student has realized this, in Goodman’s eyes, they have become self-aware. “If the student dares to accept himself as he is, a teacher’s grade is a crude instrument compared with a student’s self-awareness” (Goodman 208). Throughout the essay, there is a feeling that the author relays that all students are looking to only get by in school, but in real life, that is certainly not the case. As a matter of fact, very many students in high schools are very determined to achieve their goals, so they work hard and learn to attain them, rather than taking an easy route to a good grade. Getting high letter grades is a powerful motivation for students who know what they want. For those with competitive spirits, high grades can be used to measure one’s own ranking to the rest of the class. For other students, it could be a reward saying “excellent work” as opposed “you passed.” As stated earlier, there are many students who are actually hard workers. However, there may not really be a flaw in the system of grades that schools have implemented. It
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