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Case Study: Studer International Like many other companies reeling from the economic crisis, Studer International found itself trying to stay afloat and save the company from bankruptcy. Stemming from a late night meeting it was affirmed that the company was going to have to maintain strong leadership in order to get through layoffs and rally employee morale (Daft, 2011). The morning after the meeting, Dean Adams learned that a key manager, Sue Chan, had resigned from her post as chief security analyst. Adams’ boss told him that it was critical that they keep key managers in place as they weather the storm and if Studer lost any, be sure to replace them with ones who can handle the stress and make tough and unpopular decisions…show more content…
A key leader must stand by his decision and take control of his vision and when you are trying to please the crowd, your vision takes the shape of what is popular not of what needs to be done. Leadership is not solely for key executives. It is an everyday way of acting or thinking that has little to do with a title or formal position in an organization (Daft, 2011). In this line of thinking, a people pleaser may be able to utilize some of their skills to lead a vision amongst a team and be effective. However, a leader in a key role in an organization must be able to utilize both leadership and management qualities. A people pleaser is not going to be an effective manager because they are too worried about what other people think and not about what the needs are of the company.
Question 3 Leo Durocher, baseball manager from 1939 to 1972, once said “Nice guys finish last” (Daft, 2011). This quote holds true when applying it to a leadership style in an organization. As said above, a people pleaser is one who thrives on their likeability. People with this natural personality trait will be less likely to face confrontation or other difficulties at work (Riordan, 2010). Dr. Christine Riordan conducted a study of more than 1,500 people over a 20-year period and found a leader must be able to perform in ways challenging for someone who is hard-wired for cooperation (2010). Nice managers will also finish last because they are required to make the

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