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Essay 1
What interests you most about the courses (Topics in Sociology; International Relations) listed above? High pressure water blasted into the crowd of protesters in the street, injuring many. Photos of this event, the 1963 protest in Birmingham, sparked international outrage. The support for the Civil Rights Movement surged, and the tides turned. African Americans had gained rights that were previously denied to them. Public areas slowly desegregated. Even though the Civil Rights movement happened over half a century ago, the power that the people had is still prevalent today. With enough support, the masses have the influence to change almost anything. These forces of the people is often discussed in the area of Sociology. After all, it is the study of people and their influence on society. This influence, from the people for the people, is what interests me about sociology. I want to know how people can spread their word across nations and convey the same message. By exploring modern topics in sociology, I can find similarities between radical events that make history. I can find a way to connect how the various protests and movements changed the world. In the four weeks of this institute, I can learn more about heavily debated social issues with my peers and discuss with them on possible solutions to these rapidly expanding problems. I can explore the influence of modern culture and common practices on these issues. Through the few weeks in this institute, I can
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