Studies on Same-Sex Parenting

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Gay marriage has been a fighting battle for years just so that it can be legalized across nation. Many protest and riots have been the actions for the long fighting process to justify gay marriage. So far there are only Seventeen sates that have legalized same sex marriage, and currently Thirty-three states that have banned same sex marriage. For the states that have legalized gay marriage have been juried by Court Decision, State Legislature and popular vote. As for the states that have banned legalized marriage that has been ruled by the constitutional amendment and state laws. Unions have been discussed up how legalization can be justified in states. Not even just U.S citizens want legalization in the same sex marriage but politicians as well. Though the legalization of gay marriage has been approved in certain states, same sex couples don’t have the same rights as traditional marriage. Civil union right support same sex marriage with benefits such as legal protections relating to wills and property, probate, adoption, spousal abuse, access to state employee group insurance, workers compensation benefits, family leave benefits and power of attorney. Studies on same sex parenting have been analyzed to prove that kids, adopted or biological, show no differences than kids with the marriage of a man and wife, they live their lives just the same as any other kid. Even though research as been done on same sex marriage not much has been done with filed on children with
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