Studio Systems : The Studio System

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There are many modes of production such as large-scale, exploitation, independent, DIY and small-scale productions. The classical Hollywood “studio system” uses the mode of mass production.1 A studio is a company in business for making films for example Paramount and Warner Bros are studios.1 These studios have a system called “studio systems” in which they operate the filmmaking process.1 In mass production systems, writers, directors, actors and all workers in between are under contracts.1 These studios have ultimate control on what is being made, how the producers are making it, what cast and crew were to take part and how the film was to be distributed.1 Large-scale production studio systems have a large supply of equipment and vast physical space.1 They work on higher budgets and have large audiences.1 On the other hand, independent films fall into the category of low-budget productions.1 Although they operate in similar ways to the mass-production system, they don 't have major distributers financing them.1 This allows directors to have more control over the production process.1 However, independent filmmaking has its advantages and disadvantages. The major advantages of independent filmmaking are that they could be personal and it allows for upcoming filmmakers to flourish and create. The major disadvantages are working with small budgets and the distribution/exhibition of the film. The films Modern Times (1936) by Charlie Chaplin, Daughters of the Dust (1991) by…
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