Study About Culture And Its Dependency On Business

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Intercultural Business Networking and Lessons Learned Report MBA-501: Global Business Communication and Research City University of Seattle Afrina May 4, 2015 Abstract The purpose of this report is to study about Culture and its dependency on business in various culture. After a theoretical study, in order to understand the practical Cultural difference three different people were interviewed. This paper talks about their views and my perceptive of their culture. The questions asked to them were focused on understanding how they see Culture in a Business Environment. Intercultural Business Networking and Lessons Learned Report In this paper, I’m writing down about my inferences from the books and Databases I researched in…show more content…
Lastly, Arafat hails from Philippines originally. However, he has been living in Saudi Arabia for about 16 years now. He works for an Electrical Company as a Senior Supervisor. He has been working in a multi-cultural environment for several years now. Question 1: If you are ask to give business tips for a Male colleague and female colleague who are coming from a different country to yours, would it be same? Or would you give different tips/suggestions to both of them. If you would give different tips, please mention what they would be and Why? This question was asked to understand how they treat women individually. I wanted to understand gender differentiations in their culture. Iliyas from Qatar says that Life is very simple for Men and far more complicated for a women in Qatar. The tip he gave for Men is to explore around the place, take multiple opinions before settling down. However, for women he says it’s not good to be roam around the city. Being an Islamic Country, Women are expected to travel less and be inside their confined space. From what I read, I understood that Qatar is a strict place for women. However, they don’t restrict women for work. A Qatari government website (Ashghal, 2015)says that Women are excelling in all the fields and they are becoming equal to men. Opinion and fact from two different sources are different and contradicting. My inference from both these resource is that
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