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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature
This chapter will discuss the relevant facts, information and principles that are related to the study gathered by the researchers from different sources. Incorporate with these materials and sources, researchers will be able to understand further and know better about the research topic. It will be also helpful to the researchers by providing some information of the methods used in the past conducted studies. In this chapter, researchers will be able to present related foreign literatures and local literatures. It will also present the relationships between the studies reviewed and state its similarities or differences as well. And lastly researchers will be able to summarize from the
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They estimate poverty as a function of external openness, income inequality and total household income which they decompose into non-transfer income and transfer income.
The study shows that both non-transfer and transfer income decrease poverty significantly with transfer income exercising a more immense poverty-alleviating impact at the household level of aggregation.

Foreign Literature and Related Studies
It is in our culture where family holds a very significant place in our lives, as supported by the World Values Survey, where 99 percent of participants rated family as “very important” and as work being the second most important in their lives .Also, Filipinos are known for their positive spirit—we still get to laugh despite the crisis we are facing. So, regardless of the lack of job security, low wages, unemployment, long working hours, still, “we see an image of the Filipino worker as a generally happy, family-oriented individual who values work for economic rewards and growth” (p.16).
Domestic helpers, caregivers, seaman, nurses and teachers are just some if not the most usual Filipino workers are deployed. It is not unknowing that “a throbbing Filipino chooses to leave his home and family behind to find better working conditions and ultimately offer a better quality of life for himself and for the kin” (de la Torre, 2004).
In Stella P. Go’s article, Towards the 21st Century: Whither Philippine Labor

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