Study Abroad : A Waste Of Time

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Study Abroad, a waste of time. I think not! Is Study Abroad a waste of time or an exciting experience? I say that it 's a great thing and for the right people it’s not a waste. Williamson in “Study Abroad: Revenue Drain or Stream” for the Chronicle states, “ many higher-education institutions and others have found ways to generate revenue from study-abroad ventures. The World Bank estimates that $300-billion is spent each year on global higher education…”What Williamson really means is that since there is so much money being spent on Study Abroad no one is gonna wanna waste their funds or the scholarships they earned. As claimed by Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, “ study abroad, you need to be aware of some important rules and…show more content…
or China. Some students focus too much on the aspect of partying and don’t really immerse themselves in the culture, but that 's not fair to say about every student. As claimed by Josepf Haslam in the article “Student Guide: Why Study Abroad?” he suggests that, “you’re of course going to have an active social life when you go abroad; you’re also going to have a unique educational experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.” Haslam is insisting that even know you’ll have fun with this program you 're in will be an educational experience that you’ll never forget and work hard at every day. This proves the point that even though there are some who don’t truly embrace the idea of study abroad, the majority does and appreciates it.It was claimed in the introductory paragraph by Wendy Williamson from her article for the Chronicle, “Study Abroad: Revenue Drain or Stream?” that a lot of money is spent each year on going abroad. To be exact $300-billion each year so that people can go and study abroad. This corresponds with my idea that if you have to work so hard for a scholarship, or save money, or even ask your parents for some financial aid, why waste your experience. Plus some students at public universities have a hard enough time trying to go, and in some unfortunate situations students can’t go because of insufficient funds. So it makes you think, why would they waste their time when
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