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Hey guys! :D Well, after much hard work I am one step away from having everything ready! (Literally... >.>) As you might already know, I 'm going to study abroad at Hanyang University in South Korea for this Spring 16 '! Since this is my first blog entry I want to provide the information for those that plan or want more information regarding such program! This program is from the University of North Texas at Denton to Hanyang University in Seoul (Seoul Campus). Therefore, the information from this blog might vary! 1. Knowing you want to go!~ (Aug.-Sept.) - This step is the hardest! It will also linger for soooo long!~ (I am three weeks away from stepping on that plane and I still have my doubts) Especially if you have never been outside for so long.... and ALONE! (To top it off, I 've never been on a plane before!) But this is a totally okay feeling because it 's the "unknown"! I guarantee you will be fine! If I am fine you will too! :3 2. Talking to your academic advisor!~ (Aug.-Sept.) - This is a simple step! Make an appointment to talk to your academic advisor to see if your graduation plan will be ok if you go study abroad for a year or a semester. (Here try to focus only about the classes you need in order to graduate for it is VERY important! You don 't want to take classes abroad that will mean nothing and have to graduate later because of that... ) Once you know you have time to travel abroad take the next step! 3. Attending a Study Abroad 101

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