Study Abroad Influences A Student 's Life From Personal Growth

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The goal of this study is to see how study abroad influences a student 's life from personal growth to academia. Personal experience,interviews and questionnaires show the broad benefits that SA trips give benefits which include personal growth, higher academic achievement, personal cultural awareness. Previous articles on this subject have come to similar conclusions and hinted at what more research would conclude. My research reiterated and reinforced the past research but also allowed me to draw newer conclusions. The newer conclusion reached through interviews with study abroad participants is that those who study abroad are more likely to have more international cultural interest.

INTRODUCTION Modern students are expected to be culturally diverse in our globalized world. We are more internationally connected than ever and this requires us to have a better understanding of other cultures. Study abroad trips allow students to get a taste of other cultures by surrounding them with a new unknown environment. Living in another country pushes students befriend people from other backgrounds which gives them a broader understanding of other ways of living. The sampling of other cultures lets those who studied abroad to evaluate their own culture and realize the pros and cons. Through multiple interviews it has been found that after evaluating their own way of life, compared to those students in the country they visited, they have an eagerness to seek out other…
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