Study And Implementation Of Virtual Private Network Essay

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Study and implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Windows Server Network. Abstract In this project I will pursue my knowledge about VPN and I will show how it works and how it will provide the security to the users. In this project I will establish a secure network using VPN which will provide users the proper and the faster access. The users will be able to use the network from any place with the specific username and password provided to every user. Users will stay connected with their Head offices and any other regional offices according to their need. It will work like a tunnel as the network will be connected point to point. No one will be able to use the network without username and password. I will make this project on VMware player with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 r2. I will design a network with two clients and a server which will be able to control the access of the users and will be a secure network so that no one can access it without the permission of the Administrator. Weekly Plan Week Job Performed Week 1 Project Proposal Week 2 Going through the concept of VPN Week 3 Referring the concepts of VPN Week 4 Understanding the working of VPN Week 5 Installing the VPN and allow the Administrator to put security for clients. Week 6 Development and Implementation Week 7 Testing Week 8 Compile all the

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