Study And Investigation Questions On Chinua Achebe 's ' Things Fall Apart '

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Geography 101 Name _______________________ Spring 2016 Things Fall Apart Study and Investigation Questions (post to the D2L page, turn in one copy at the beginning of class, save one copy for yourself) What are the farthest northern, western, eastern, and southern points in Nigeria as described in absolute terms? (4 absolute locations [estimate to nearest degree], 2 coordinates each) Find and note the same for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Estimate to the nearest degree using a map.) What is Abuja’s (Nigeria’s capital city) relative location? What is Nigeria’s other major city and former capital? What was the Conference of Berlin (1884-1885)? How did European countries work together to decide (from their perspective) which African territories each European country would control? Who gave them the right to do this? According to Britannica Encyclepia, the Conference of Berlin was negoitations of major European nations held in Berlin during Nov. 14, 1884 – Feb. 26, 1885, to discuss the competitive connection of the Congo River basing in Central Africa. The act declared the Congo River basin remain unowned and neutral forbidding slave trading and guaranteed freedom for trade and shipping for all states. Great Britain, France and Germany agreed and How does the implementation of the British legal and educational system affect the social structure (the role of elders and the political processes) of Umuofia and other Igbo villages? How does

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