Study And New Therapy Technique

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1. Jackson (2012) even-numbered Chapter Exercises (p. 244).
Question #2 Study and New Therapy Technique and Possible Confounds in the Study While reading the description of the study, one can easily identify various confounds within. First, the study that lasted for 9 months and had initially 50 participants had no control group. In any experimental research design, the need in two or more groups, from which one is the “control” group, is necessary to have a valid research conclusion. Next, what is the definition of depression in the study? And who determined whether these 50 participants had the given condition: was it a requirement to have a licensed physician diagnosing them with the condition or the participant had to just identify himself/herself with being depressed? Third, while there were 50 participants in the beginning and by the end of the study only 29 remained, from which 85% demonstrated some improvement, does it mean the other 21 participants that dropped from the study had their condition worsened?
Question #4 External and Internal Validity Internal validity. According to Cosby (Cosby, 2012), internal validity “is the ability to draw conclusions about causal relationships from the result of the study” (Cosby, 2012, p. 85).
Strong internal validity for any research requires an analysis of three factors: (1) before starting the research; the investigator must make sure that there are temporal precedents. The researcher must demonstrate that the cause
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