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Background study and Related Works: In this chapter, we present a detailed discussion of the research on exam timetabling in the last 20 years. In the first decade there has been significant attention of researchers in this area and there has been a significant contribution in both theoretical and practical sector. Our aim is to discuss about the achievement made in this area. We have discussed about the barriers and challenges overcame by the researchers. First, we defined some constraint from the previous survey papers. Based on the problem we discussed about the solution and its procedure. We gave a detailed discussion on the algorithms used to solve the problem. In the last part we explained our problem and compared it with the existing solutions, why our problem is different than others. We also discuss some important issues which have come to light concerning and has not been solved yet. Finally, we gave argument on our procedure of solving the scheduling problem. Problem defining from the papers: There are various kinds of timetabling problems including nurse scheduling, transportation timetabling, educational timetabling and sports timetabling [21]. Among the problems, educational timetabling is widely used, most important and time consuming task. A quality timetable is the concern of the administration, because there are many stockholders including students, lecturers and administrators. Among the educational timetabling, there are school timetabling, university
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