Study Between Different Websites That Provide Information

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INTRODUCTION The topic of my case study is where is the information available for the people who are new to do a case study and get the information accordingly. And this is a comparative case study between different websites that provide information DESCRIPTION WIKI HOW HOW TO DO A CASE STUDY A case study is an inquiry into an event by either an individual or an organization. It is produced through systematic research, analysis and reporting. Case studies cite professional or scientific sources and they are often used in developing new procedures in marketing, medicine and technology. They are designed to ask the questions "how" and "why" of an event, procedure or phenomena. If you are about to begin a case study, it is important spend plenty of time to gather and analyze the accurate data. Case studies can take over a few weeks to a few years. Read more to find out how to do a case study. 1. Develop your research question. This may be given to you in advance by a professor or employer, or you may develop it on your own. Make sure the question is specific and can be analyzed by scientific or modern research methods. • Do not choose a question that is certainly subjective. For example, instead of a question like "What is the favorite social media website for people aged 18 to 20?" you may want to use "What is the most visited social media website for people aged 18 to 20." • Case studies are classified into different categories. An active case study will seek to find a
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