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Ford Motor Company-2007 Step 1 Identify the firm’s exiting vision, mission, objective and strategies (Executive summary). Vision: To become the world’s leading Consumer Company for automotive products and services. Mission: We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world. We anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding products and services that improve people’s lives. Strategies: Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix. Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value. Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet. Work together…show more content…
Ford can use the money that they gain through their profits of financial services even though they have occurred loss when many their product was recalled. Step 10 Specify how your recommendation can be implemented and what results you can expect Implementation Making research and development (R&D) for ford can be implemented by using the money that they gain through financial services that they offer. According to the resource, Ford’s capital spending is lower than its competitor. This capital spending has include the Research and Development (R&D) expenditure which could affect the company from going forward. In 2005, Ford’s capital spending was only $1,766 per vehicle compared to Honda’s $3,193 per vehicle and Toyota’s $2,937. In automobile industry, any aging vehicle range would adversely affect growth of the

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