Study Consumer Behavior And Advertising Management Courses

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To write a reflection paper on the learning experience on a course is not very difficult, because I 'm still very pleased with my decision to go to the London School of Business and Finance and choose to study Consumer Behaviour and Advertising Management courses. The learning process during this semester has been quite a lot, we dealt with different topics, even though the topics were quite difficult and extensive in content. The content of the courses and the assignments were very in depth and time consuming to make and analyze but they were very informative and educational. At the end of each course, after analyzing the material given and completing the assignments, I could see how the courses and their material fits the big picture…show more content…
Advertising management was the optional module and I choose it to get a better understanding of the subject, as I believed this would add up to my course material and what I would learn from it. We were three students who took this module. At the start I felt weird for why not so many people have taken this module, but then by the time I realised it is what I needed to top up my knowledge in the marketing field; that I later started to enjoy as we had more time with the lecturer and we were able to discuss a lot with each other. Week by week, the more I learned about the consumer behaviour, I found it very interesting. I am not a very vocal person, but the interesting topics made me be part of discussions in and out of class. I learned a lot about consumer 's buying behaviour and the buying decision process. I learned about the advertising strategies and the way organizations tend to work on their advertising campaigns by analyzing the buying behaviour of the consumers and their decision process and what effects that decision making process. While on the course, I learned that voicing out your thoughts and opinions in class discussions and group works, sharpens up your critical thinking skills and helps conceptualize your own identity. I found out that we learn through active participation, concept exploration, critical questioning, interactive discussions, dialogue, individual reflection and team
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