Study Counseling And Accounting Disciplines

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Areas of study: Counseling and Accounting With my IDS degree I chose to study counseling and accounting disciplines. I really enjoy listening to people and looking for ways to help them. I would like to create a new kind of counseling system that is very different from anything there is today. This is where my account background will come into play. I will need to start my own business to fulfill my dream. In order to be successful I will need my accounting knowledge to keep my business running. I will also need to continue my education in the counseling discipline so that I can gain a better understanding of the counseling profession. Accounting is the analysis of a company’s liabilities, assets and equity. Accountants must accurately create financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements. Financial statements are a record of all financial activities for the business. They are viewed by both outsiders and insiders, and are the blueprint for how the company is doing financially. It is very important that financial statements are accurate for many reasons. Outsiders include the Internal Revenue Service, shareholders and investors. The IRS requires that these financial statements are in ordnance of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principal, or GAAP. Failure to do so will result in a heavy fine and possible jail time. Investors want an idea of how financially sound a company is before they invest. Insiders, including management and owners, use these
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