Study Design : Material And Methods

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Chapter (4): Material and methods 4.1 Study design, Setting and The study design will be cross-sectional observational study . 4.2 Study area/stetting The study will be carried out as community base among adult in alowegeela city where it is far about 140 kilometer eastern to arar city. 4.3 Study population/subjects The study will be carried out among the adult population (18years old or more) in alowegeela city . 4.4 Study sample: Sample frame: The study frame include the adult residents in Alewagila. The total population of the city amounts to 11657 individuals, where the adult population are 6162 represents around 52% ( individual) Sample size: The size of the sample has been calculated using the following formula Using earlier published prevalence data from study done in Saudi Arabia in jedda by Bahijri .S.M and et al found prevalence of pre-diabetes is 10.2 % among adult and will use the confidence level 95% with chance error 5% ,and by formula the size of sample is 138 participants. Sample selection: The sample selection technique is stratified systemic random sampling technique where each ward of the city represents a stratum, using probability proportional to size technique. Inclusion and exclusion criteria Inclusion criteria are adult, age 18 years and above, who not known diabetic and who resident in alowegeela city . Exclusion criteria will who less than 18 years, known case of diabetes . 4.5 Data collection: Data collection tool: The data
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