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Students in America want to perform well during their school time, so they have a chance of getting a scholarship at best universities in the country. A lot of young Americans spend all their nights preparing for exams, because they can’t do it in the afternoon due to their sports and social life. Therefore many a night are spend studying hard for exams, so the teacher will not fail them and by that prevent them from getting their dream education. However, this tight and packed schedule causes the young Americans to get really exhausted and overloaded, and later on it might even cause cases of stress. In the meantime, this complex of problems seems to have got a solution. A solution that is so effective that most people never would have…show more content…
This risk of getting addicted is something the anonymous girl from the interview in the podcast has experienced herself. She tells the reporter how she felt that every time she took a pill, the lust for another one became bigger. This proves the addiction that David Sack uses as an argument against the young students defending their beloved “study buddy”, as it is called, the interview in the podcast states. Furthermore, it’s a perfectly rational reason to never do study drugs; because what will good grades matter, if one ends up as a drug user due to ones increased risk of falling into an abuse. This also
opens another set of problems that Davis Sack does not mention: Having to get these pills without a prescription from one’s doctor’s office is not possible if it should be done legally. Therefore, a lot of the pills being sold and bought around American college campuses are illegally sold by people with an ADHD-diagnosis, or the pills have been stolen from some who actually has a prescription for them and need them, the article at states4. This proves that taking any kind of study drugs directly can conflict with criminality. Both steeling and selling the pills and doing drugs later on are felonies punishable with prison. To top it all off the article also mentions the side
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