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Chapter 28 Descent into the Abyss: World War I and the Crisis of the European Global Order

Multiple-Choice Questions

1) Approximately how long did World War I last?
A) About four years
B) About two years
C) About six years
D) About one year
E) About three years
Page Ref: 646

2) Which nation joined the Triple Entente alliance in the early 1900s (and to complete the alliance?)
A) Germany
B) Britain
C) France
D) Russia
E) Italy
Page Ref: 647

3) What was the region of Europe that produced the most diplomatic crises prior to World War I?
A) Scandinavia
B) The Balkans
C) Italy
D) Spain
E) Iberian peninsula
Page Ref: 649

4) What two European powers were directly involved in the Balkan diplomacy?
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E) "non-battles" between the German and British naval forces.
Page Ref: 652-653

18) By 1917 the war on the Eastern Front
A) had stagnated into a stalemate in which neither side had an advantage.
B) led to a major revolution in Russia that toppled the tsarist government.
C) was resolved by a peace treaty between the combatants.
D) resulted in a massive Russian offensive fueled by the numerical superiority of Russian armies.
E) had developed into trench warfare similar to the Western Front.
Page Ref: 655

19) In what year did the German forces on the Western Front agree to ending the fighting?
A) 1916
B) 1917
C) 1918
D) 1919
E) 1920
Page Ref: 655

20) Before their surrender, the German generals running the government
A) installed a new civilian government to shoulder the blame of defeat.
B) murdered the emperor and named Hitler chancellor.
C) issued a statement accepting blame for the policies that had led to World War I.
D) overthrew the civilian government and established a military dictatorship.
E) attempted to negotiate through Lenin and the communists in Russia.
Page Ref: 655

21) Which of the following was NOT included in the final set of treaties that ended World War I?
A) A League of Nations was formed, but the United States refused to join.
B) Russia was rewarded for its service to the Allies by the grant of substantial territories in Poland and the Baltic republics.
C) Germany was forced to accept

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