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Chapter 1: The Nature of Information Technology Projects What is the current state of IT projects? What are key factors for successful IT projects? Hint: Refer to the summary of CHAO study IT Projects are showing higher success rates. Better project management tools & processes, smaller projects, improved communication among stakeholders, more skillful IT project managers What are four different approaches to improving the likelihood of success of IT projects? Hint: Understand the major characteristics of each approach. 1. Value-Driven Approach; Plain & Simple: IT Projects must provide value to the organization 2. Socio-technical Approach; It’s not just about the technology or building a better mouse trap 3.…show more content…
What are five phase of IT project methodology? 1. strategic level plan for managing and controlling the project 2. Recommends phases, processes, tools, and techniques for supporting an IT project, must be flexible and include best practices learned from experiences over time 3. conceptualize/ initialize, develop project charter and detailed project plan based on scope, schedule, budget, quality objectives, execute/control the project using approach such as the SDLC, close project, evaluate project success What is Business Case? Attributes of a good business case? Analysis of the organizational value, feasibility, costs, benefits, and risks of the project plan Details all possible impacts, costs, and benefits, clearly compares alternatives, objectively includes all pertinent information, systematic in terms of summarizing findings Understand the process of developing a business case (i.e., what are the steps, and the sequence?). With respect to the IT value chain, what is the ultimate goal that IT projects should achieve? 1. select the core team 2. define measurable organizational value (mov), the project’s overall goal 3. identify alternatives(base case alternative, possible alternative strategies (change existing process without investing in IT, adopt/adapt systems from other organizational areas, Reengineer existing system, purchase off the shelf applications package, Custom build new

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