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Module/Week 3: Mankind and Sin Textbook Readings: Towns: Chs. 8 & 10 Chapter 8 1. What point does the author illustrate with an elephant and 4 blind men? …Comparing it to the way people describe and see life and the world 2. Do Moslem leaders claim that Christianity and Islam are alike in that Allah was “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?” No 3. What are the 4 questions that Darwinians have not been able to answer? - Where is the missing link - How can man evolve to be the apex of living beings if the fact suggest the process of evolution goes the other way - Where life originated. - Refuse to believe or even explore data that suggest intelligent design. 4. What question did the old…show more content…
3. What is Fiat Creationism? Typically conservative orthodoxy has tended to support this view. Basically, fiat creationism holds that God, by direct acts, brought into being virtually everything that exists. 4. What is Deistic Evolution? This view basically claims that God began the process of evolution within the context of created matter. 5. What is Theistic Evolution? Similar in certain respects to deism, theistic evolutionteaches that God began the creative process by bringing the first organism to life. 6. What is Progressive Creationism? This view combines the view of specific de novo (flesh or from nothing) creative acts with in-moment or processive operations of life. 7. Which two possibilities of Creationism does the author say are closest to scripture? From the four possiblilties, - Fiat Creation - Progressive Creation Are in closer harmony with the testimony of the Scripture. "Creation in the Image of God" 1. T/F: All of creation is created in the image of God. False, 2. T/F: The image of God in man solely refers to his immaterial nature. True, 3. T/F: Only Christians maintain the image of God. (False) 4. T/F: The image of God in man was lost as a result of the fall of man. (False) 5. What four primary aspects are included in the image
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