Study Guide for Management Principles

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Name: Tea Tran 1.|Reward power, coercive power, and legitimate power are different types of __________.| E)|Position power.| 2.|Using a single attribute to develop an overall impression of a person or situation is called __________.| D)|Projection.| 3.|Personal initiative and willingness to “go the extra mile” in your work is characteristic of:| C)|Engagement| 4.|Which of the following would contribute to a high performing team?| A)|Team members being fully aware of how their job fits into the team task| B)|Team members understanding their tasks are interdependent| C)|A team member being expert in a task| D)|All of the above| 5.|A mixed message occurs when __________.| Dtt)|A person's words…show more content…
trait that separates “people who perform from people who don't” is:| D)|Ambition| 36.|The norming stage of the team life cycle is characterized by __________.| B)|The team becoming a coordinated work unit with shared rules of conduct.| 37.|The “Big Five” personality trait that reflects the degree to which someone is good-natured, cooperative, and trusting is considered __________.| D)|Agreeableness.| 38.|Effective leaders empower others by providing them with the __________ to make decisions and act independently within their areas of expertise.| A)|Information, responsibility, authority, and trust.| B)|Authority, task directions, task orientation, and information technology.| C)|Trust, task needs, maintenance needs, and participation.| D)|Information, problem-solving techniques, team cohesiveness, and information technology.| E)|Responsibility, concern for people, concern for task, and supportive style.| 39.|Perceptual distortions include all of the following EXCEPT:| E)|Paranoia.| 40.|Which statement about the equity theory of motivation is inaccurate?| A)|Feelings of inequity are determined solely by the individual receiving the rewards, not by the manager.| E)|A manager can do little to anticipate negative inequities.| 41.|The communication process is comprised of all of the following elements EXCEPT?| A)|Receiver.| B)|Sender.| D)|Feedback.| E)|Channel.| 42.|Identifying an individual with a group or
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