Study Habit

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Studies: Knowledge is the essence of smart thinking. No matter how much raw intelligence you have, you are not going to succeed at solving complex problems without knowing a lot. That's why we spend the first 20 (or more) years of our lives in school. Robert Bjork and fellow PT blogger Nate Kornell have explored some of the study habits of college students in a 2007 paper in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Research on memory provides a number of important suggestions about the most effective ways to study. One of the most important tips is that students should study by testing themselves rather than just reading over the material. It is also important to study over a period of days rather waiting until the last minute…show more content…
“Forming effective study habits is critical to a student’s success,” says Mari Lopez, Vice President of Student Services Operations at University of Phoenix. “I would encourage students to have a study plan set from the time they begin to take courses.” How can students best form their own study plans, especially if they are returning to school for the first time after a long period out in the world of work? “They should have scheduled time set aside to dedicate to their studies, to read their course materials, and to work on assignments or discussion questions," says Lopez. "Students should also attempt to remove any distractions that may disrupt their study time so that they are making the most out of the time they have carved aside.” If University of Phoenix students are having trouble balancing coursework and study time with their other responsibilities, the University offers support and resources to help keep them on track, such as the Life Resource Center. “The University of Phoenix Life Resource Center (LRC) offers complimentary services to current students to help them balance the demands of school, work, and family life,” says Lopez. “Students can receive support through a variety of services such as life and career
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