Study Habits Introduction

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CHAPTER I Problem and Its Setting Introduction Education plays a vital role in the development of a learner. The acquisition of new knowledge, information and the way one responds to the learning environment makes him a holistic learner. It must be uncalculated in our minds that one of the purposes of education is to train learners on how to formulate solutions to problems, how to grow independently, how to apply what they learned inside the classroom in their real life situations, and how to understand things and make them useful to one’s life. You cannot learn simply by being told what to do or by watching others, you have to practice and practice frequently. Successful students employ time management systems to create study…show more content…
SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY This study deals with the factors associated the study habits on the academic achievement of Bachelor of Elementary Education students in Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The results and findings of this study will be a great help to the students, parents, schools and teachers, community/country and to the future researchers. It will help the students provide basis for awareness and better understanding of how their current study habits affected their academic performance. Likewise gives them a more focused and clear perspective on how the specific behaviours related to their studies influenced study habits. Consequently, this awareness also gives a much deeper understanding of their selves as students considering that the college life is typically beset of developmental adjustment demands. To the parents, To the school and teachers, it will help them to improve the quality education to be given in the Bachelor of Elementary Education and they can determine different teaching strategies that can be used Bachelor of Elementary Education students. To the whole community/country, people can see the good results of the study. It will increase the number of pupils who are highly knowledgeable and who will become assets, and not liabilities,
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