Study: Important Laws within the Organization

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Vice President of Human Resources Introduction In all organizations people exist and it is the individuals who make up human resources. Without human resource, nothing of value can take place within organizations. Considering the important position that human resources hold within organizations, management of the same cannot be overemphasized. Human Resources Officers under the leadership of Human Resources Managers and their deputies take the role of paving the way for the participation of the rest of the workforce. Vice Presidents of Human Resources constitute an integral part of an organization for which they work (DeGraff, 2010). Their roles are massive one of which constitutes ensuring the existence of a proper law under which the company operates. To do this, they must possess appropriate qualities as described in their job descriptions. As a VP HR, one would also be charged with the roles of defending and protecting organizations against litigations related to, employees' job description, hiring and firing. Important Laws within the Organization The study of the interaction between the various stakeholders in an organization is a mandatory step in ensuring that an organization meets all its goals. It is such studies that comprise organizations' corporate laws (Kenshaw 2009). Like other organizations, our firm has a set of laws necessary for facilitating the success of other interactions between the firm's top management, employees, clients, partners,
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