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Life of Pi Chapter Questions Author’s Note Who do you think is writing the author’s note? Is this part of the fiction of Life of Pi, or separate from the story? PART ONE Chapter 1 What does the sloth symbolize to Pi? Chapter 2 Why do you think the author interrupts the story with this chapter? Chapter 3 Why is Pi named after the Piscine Molitor? Chapter 4 Pi states that the common believe that animals in the zoos are unhappy is “nonsense” (16). What response does he give to prove the contrary? Chapter 5 What was Pi’s plan for his first day at school Petit Seminaire? Chapter 6 Why do you think Pi has “a reserve of food to last the siege of Leningrad”? Chapter 7 What is the difference between atheists…show more content…
Chapter 44 Why did the sounds that Pi heard affect him so much? Do you believe sounds are sometimes as scary as seeing something frightening? Explain. Chapter 45 How can we tell that Pi is becoming more desperate? Chapter 46 What difference is seen between Pi and the animals at the end of this chapter? Chapter 47 Who did Pi suddenly realize was also on the lifeboat? How did he feel? Chapter 48 Explain how Richard Parker got his name. Chapter 49 What did Pi finally become concerned with? Why did it take him this long to worry about it? Chapter 50 In point form, provide an accurate description of the lifeboat. Chapter 51 How many days of food and water rations did Pi have? Why was this important to him to know? Chapter 52 Pi made a complete list of the items on the lifeboat. If you could have only five of these items, what five items would you choose? Please rank them in order of importance to you. Chapter 53 How did Pi prevent his death? Chapter 54 How many plans did Pi make to rid himself of Richard Parker? Which plan did Pi choose to use? Chapter 55 What did Pi realize was wrong with his plan? Chapter 56 In Pi’s opinion, what is life’s only true opponent? Why? Chapter 57 What was the name of the sound Richard Parker made? What does it mean? What did Pi then decide to do, and how was he going to do it? Chapter 58 From his readings, what did Pi realize he must build?
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