Study Notes for Advanced Pathophysiology

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Christie Morris Drexel University Summer Session Advanced Pathophysiology: Study Sheet Unit 1 * Unit 1 Learning Objectives Exercise 1: Neoplasia * Define neoplasia and explain how neoplastic growth differs from the normal adaptive changes seen in atrophy, hypertrophy, and hyperplasia. Neoplasia- Means “New Growth”. Neoplastic growth proliferate (process of cell division) to form new tissue; There is no waiting for signals from the body that new tissue is needed; The ignore signals to stop dividing; They do not mature normally (differentiate), to do the job the tissue is supposed to do. They do not die off (apoptosis), to keep the number of total cells constant. Normally cells produced=to number of cells that die…show more content…
(p133-134, text). * Define metastasis. * Development of a secondary tumor in a location distant from the primary tumor. * Accomplished via lymphatic channels and circulation. * Trace the pathways for the hematologic and lymphatic spread of metastatic cancer cells. Evidence of disseminate disease presence in lymph that drain the tumor area, tumor cells lodge first in the initial lymph node that receives drainage from the tumor site, once in this lymph node cells may die b/c of the lack of a proper environment, remain dormant for unknown reasons, or grow in a discernible mass, If they survive and grow cancer cells, may spread from more distant lymph nodes to the thoracic duct, and the gain access to the blood vasculature, cancer cells may gain access to the blood vasculature from the initial node and more distant lymph nodes by way of tumor-associated blood vessels that may infiltrate the tumor mass. Sentinel
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