Study Od Recruitment and Selection Process

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Executive Summary TITLE: “Study of recruitment and selection procedure” Duration: 2 months. Company: Young & Grow. This is a project about the study of recruitment procedure and selection procedure carried out at young & grow group of companies and to learn about the different processes used for recruitment. OBJECTIVE: The main objective was to study the recruitment procedure and know the various sources of recruitment used. The objective was also to study the selection process and to learn the selection methods adopted. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The research design was descriptive in nature. The data was gathered through personal interview and observation method. FINDINGS: ✓ At Young & Grow they don't have a clearly stated…show more content…
An organization must know two key factors before recruiting; (1) How many employees are needed for the job and (2) when are they needed. The time frame should also be considered, in which the employment application and resume is submitted and when the employee is hired. Average time for the employee to start working is about 43 days. The recruitment pipeline includes: resume, invitation, interview, offer and acceptance. Internal recruitment is when an organization initially considers the current employees especially for promotions. There can be several issues considered in the process of internal recruitment in which managers do not grant permission to current employees to be interviewed to transfer to a different department or promotion. “Most supervisors are about as reluctant to release current employee as they are to take a cut in pay.” (Lord, J.S. 1989). External recruitment is the process of recruiting from the outside labor market. Organizations seek this type of recruitment when existing employees do not have the needed skills for an available position. This type of recruitment varies in small and large firms. External recruitment process consists of the following sources: universal relations, executive search firms, employment agencies and recruitment advertising. Recruitment and Selection are vital processes for a successful organization, having the right staff can “improve and sustain organizational performance” (Petts, 1997). “Recruitment
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