Study Of All Aspects Of Life And Living Things

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Biology provides students with the opportunity to examine “the study of all aspects of life and living things” (Audesirk, et al. 905). In the classroom that the group volunteered to clean up, the educator teaches environmental science. By organizing papers, filing assignments, and cleaning desks the group helped the educator to effectively teach her students to care for the environment, which saves living organisms. By the classroom being organized and clean, the teacher will be able to have better time management skills, which will allow her to spend more time teaching her students about environmental science rather than wasting time searching for assignments. The teacher gives her students a broader understanding of the impact human development and influences have made on the environment, which relates to Biology in the way that knowledge about living organisms can help preserve their habitats. In addition to organizing papers so that the teacher can effectively manage lecture time, our group also filed assignments. We filed papers based on the corresponding chapters and types of assignments that were relevant to the state standards. Filing assignments based on different characteristics reflects the natural order of different classifications. In Biology, classifications go from the biosphere, which is inclusive of all living and nonliving organisms, to the species level, which is specific to each organism.( Audesirk et al. ) Similarly, the assignments the teacher gives to

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