Study Of Knowledge Management Within The Context Of The Hospitality Industry Essay

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Abstract The study of knowledge management in the context of the hospitality industry was characterizes that KM as a critical item for hotels seeking to ensure sustainable strategic competitive advantage. KM seeks to acquire or create potentially useful knowledge and to make it be found for everyone who can use it at a time and place that is suitable for them to achieve maximum useful usage for making positively influence organizational performance and innovation. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to extend KM in the context of front office department in sharm el sheikh and to investigate the effect of KM on department performance and on applied innovation practices. To achieve this aims a self-administrate questionnaire was direct to front office employees in the investigated hotels. The total number of questionnaire form distributed was 180, among of them 131 forms (72.7%) were completed and valid for analysis. The obtained data were analysis using SPSS version 21 the results indicated that KM is thus highly implemented in front office department and KM have important impact on front office performance and innovation operation. Keywords Knowledge Management, KM Infrastructure, KM Process, Front office Department Performance / Innovation Introduction KM is defined as the set of organized and regimented actions that can be taken to attain the maximum value from the knowledge available to it by an organization. A proper combination of organizational, social and

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