Study Of Managing Construction Project Scheduling Using Building Information Modelling Essay

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3.1 Introduction
This part will be discuss on how research methodology that was used in accomplishing the targets of this study, consecutively. In this chapter will explain the interpretation of the investigation method used. Collection data methods or investigation methodology is the basic element in this research. The aim of the research in this chapter is to assurance that the data and significant study achived as the objectives and aims of the investigation study.
There are two things in methodology part, qualitative method and quantitative method. Quantitative method or known as survey is handled to find measurable result of the study. Meanwhile qualitative is a method used to study the data collected during the research. There are various types of qualitative methods that have been used but the famous one is interview.
The aims of this research are to study of managing construction project scheduling using Building Information Modelling (BIM). 3.2 Research Design
Refer to author Davis (1992) the most cases research can be carry out in various ways and recommend a strategy to study in this area:
1. Literature review needed to do so that it can give a better understanding about the topic.
2. With a case study the researcher can observe the things happen under investigation in such a actual setting and allow the validity of the research itself.
3. To make sure the confirmation of the result and validation of the research, questionnaire survey has to be…
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