Study Of Marketing Strategy Of Uber

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The purpose of this study is to explore and find the growth strategies of Uber. This is also to help understand the perception of the users. More specifically, the question is how these strategies become a threat to its competitors and how are they beneficial and effective for the consumers of the product.

This study is helpful in analyzing the communication process as a whole and to see how Uber builds its brand without having to spend heavily on the social media.

Ever since Uber has set its foot in India, it has made headlines and inspired a lot. Uber has already had a $41 billion valuation, which makes it world’s hottest start up.
Uber has a marketing strategy to “make a product that sells” and not “sell a product”.
Uber has never been seen on mass media, social media, traditional ads of the biggest platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and other places where most other companies target to get customer retention. This practice is popularly known as “Growth Hacking” or acquiring more and more users without having to use the traditional marketing techniques.
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The company was never a spender on digital marketing and hence, it only stuck on the basics. The team worked on building a good product, putting it in the market and then speaking about it and building a direct connection with the customers. The objective of this practice was to get users to try out their product for themselves. This particular practice has clearly helped Uber as it has a major rider base even though it has its main competitors neck to neck with it. Unlike Uber, Ola, Taxi4Sure and Meru have their Tv campaigns and billboards all
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