Study Of Women Rights And Legislation On National And International Platform

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Chapter 6

Study of women rights and legislation on National and International platform: An Overview
"Obstruction and impediment in the way of success."

Origin of Woman Rights--
Throughout the history we have seen that women have suffered a lot in every sphere of the life for since ages, thereby democratic government of various governments and different organization nationally and internationally tried hard to set the platform for the women empowerment through the umpteen laws, policies and legislations. Every democratic country required to have the best efficient leader so it means that women have to be given a chance to compete and prove their ability. If they’re never permitted or to get opportunity to contend in the electoral process, then the countries are really deprived themselves of a great deal of talent.” That 's why national and international organizations, be it governmental and non- government attained sturdy efforts towards empowering the women in all the fields including politics. For increasing the contribution of women in political decision, making it is essential to confiscate the stumbling block in the way of women in different fields be it economic, educational, cultural, political, social, etc.
The United Nations Development Program initiated eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for guarantee equity and peace across the globe. The third MDG is directly related to the empowerment of women in India. "The MDGs are agreed-upon goals and objectives
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