Study Questions for Of Mice and Men

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‘Study Questions for Of Mice and Men by: John Steinbeck 1939 Chapter One All answers MUST be in complete sentence form. 1. When George and Lennie approach the river, why does George warn Lennie not to drink too much water? The water that Lennie is drinking looks a bit scummy. George doesn’t believe the water is good to drink. 2. What has George told Lennie that he always remembers, even when Lennie forgets everything else? Lennie may not be able to remember everything, but the rabbits never leave his mind. 3. Why does Lennie have a dead mouse in his pocket? Lennie is fond of the soft fur of the little mouse. 4. Why does George order Lennie not to talk when they arrive at the ranch? With Lennie being a bit abnormal, George…show more content…
27-28) 9. Describe Slim, the jerkline skinner. Skilled horseman, good with a whip, hatchet face was ageless, good ears, slow sense of speech, large hands and lean. (Pg. 33) 10. Why does Carlson suggest shooting Candy’s dog? Carlson suggests it because the dog is old, can barely walk, can’t eat, and it stinks. (Pg. 35) 11. What is the understood question that Lennie wants George to ask Slim? If Lennie could have a pup. (Pg. 36) 12. Notice the pairs in this relationship: George and Lennie; Candy and his dog; Curley and Curley’s Wife. What is the basis for each relationship? What are the positives? and negative aspects of each relationship? Most of the relationships are co-dependent. George and Lennie are looking out for each other. Curley and the dog needs each other companionship. Curley and his wife has a high life that curley uses her as a trophy. Candy is old and has one hand, his dog is old and relies on candy. George gets fed up with Lennie at times and wants to be on his own. Curly doesn’t trust his wife at all and his wife is a flirt. Curly’s wife isn’t loyal to him and that she is looking at the new guys. Chapter Three 1. Why does George say Lennie would want to sleep in the barn that Friday night? Slim’s dog had a litter of pups. Lennie is just fascinated with the little boogers. 2. According to George, how did he end up traveling with Lennie? Lennie’s Aunt Clara was the guardian. When she passed, she entrusted George into being his
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