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1. Marketing is: e) all of the answers listed 2. The presence of price and quality variance in markets means: c) A few suppliers’ productsand services are best buys. Most are not 3. Marketing is about: b) Increasing customer satisfaction, which in turn increases profits 4. Product innovation and the diffusion of innovation create: d) All of the answers listed 5. Marketing is the business discipline responsible for: c) Product innovation and the diffusionof innovation 6. The focus of companies needs to be on winning: c) Both a and b 7. A responsibility of marketers is to sell new products and ideas to: d) All of the answers listed 8. Excellence in advertising and promotions is most needed: b) When your products…show more content…
c) Asuperior distribution system 2. Walmart has increased the productivity of _________. c) The whole of the United States 3. Economic history is hard on: d) All of the answers listed 4. _________ leads as the innovator and mass market trendsetter in reducing supply chain anddistribution costs. a) Walmart 5. What created the mixing of cultures? b) Trading route crossroads 6. In many parts of Europe a system of transportation as efficient as that of ancient Rome wasnot present until: c) The 18th or even 19th century 7. The refrigerated cargo ship was invented in the _______. b) 1880s 8. What is yet to fully react to the extraordinary changes in distribution over the last four generations? d) All of the answers listed Study Quiz 1.4 1. The losers in the global distribution and supply chain dynamic are particularly those with: b) No longer competitive manufacturing or farming skills 2. The winners in the global distribution and supply chain dynamic are particularly those with: b) Traders who respond to market forces fast and well 3. What has changed the global marketplace are new communication and transportationtechnologies, low labor costs and ______________. c) Quality and on-time delivery assurancecontracts 4. When domestic and global sources in existing trading alliances come under pressure toinnovate, reduce prices and increase services: e) a, b and c above 5. When an economic downturn occurs as a result of shifting investment and

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