Study Scope Of Data Hiding

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Review: To Study scope of data hiding in mp3
*Nishant Sharma **Er. Gaurav Deep *Student (M.Tech), Deptt. Of Computer Engg, Punjabi University
**Asstt. Professor, Deptt. Of Computer Engg, Punjabi University, Patiala
Abstract: Steganography is a kind of secret communication method used to hide secret data in some digital media such as images, audio etc. Cryptography and watermarking are other similar techniques. Data is secured using these methods, but the fact that data is present somewhere gives us a specific target, whereas sole purpose of steganography is that none must know there is some hidden data in the file. So, steganography easily has upper hand over cryptography and watermarking. Steganography can use almost all kinds of media present over internet to transmit secret data. In this paper, we review some audio steganography techniques, their algorithms and some challenges faced in their design and implementation. We will look in detail some modified techniques for audio steganography. Also, we look at the problems faced with using mp3 files as cover media.
Steganography is the science of hiding information so that it remains undetected except by its intended receiver. Need of steganography arises when one needs to communicate privately and he cannot risk to arouse the suspicion by sending encrypted message in plain sight.
Goals of Steganography: The main goals of
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