Study Setting : Saudi Arabia

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2.8 The summary of literature review
2.1 The Study Setting: Saudi Arabia
Figure 2.1 Map of Saudi Arabia Source: (Ministry of Economy and Planning 2009)
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the second largest Arab state behind Algeria and comprises the majority of the Arabian Peninsula and lies at the cross-roads of three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. Its capital city is Riyadh, which is the largest city in the kingdom, and the home to about 7 million people. It occupies approximately 2,250,000 square kilometers (868,730 square miles). Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait are in its north border; on the east by the Gulf, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; the Sultanate of Oman and Yemen are on its southeast; and the Red Sea is on its west. Located between Africa and mainland Asia, with long frontiers on the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf and with the Suez Canal near to its north-west border, the Kingdom lies in a strategically important position. It is the largest country in the region and the birthplace of Islam and Guardian of its most sacred shrine (The Ministry of Culture & Information 2006). It is considered the birthplace of the religion Islam, which is the largest religions in the world and refers as The Land of Two Holy Mosques. Due to the two holy mosques in Islam, the Masjid-e-Nabwi in Medina and the Masjid-al-Haram in Mecca. A large number of pilgrims visit the two holy mosques every year, who are Muslims, to perform Islamic practices of Haj and Umrah, which are
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