Study Skills : A Class Worth Taking

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Maddy Hatch

Mrs. Carey

English 325 A4

1 April 2015

Study Skills: A Class Worth Taking 50 years ago, college students devoted a great amount of time to studying- on average 24 hours a week. Now, the average has dwindled dramatically to a measly 15 hours per week. Why is this? In recent years, high schools have been seeing a decline in young peoples’ performances as school itself becomes faster paced and increasingly scrupulous. As many young people are losing study time due to activities like jobs and extracurriculars, grades are going down. If teens in high school cannot keep up with the pace of classes, how will one be able to keep up with the brisk strides of college? Or even further on in the workplace? Schools should institute mandatory study skills classes in junior high school or middle school to counter the lack of study skills in American youth in order to better support life skills in high school and beyond. As the times change and the human population gradually has a greater knowledge about the world, schools must adjust to this, causing them to gradually become more rigorous and fast paced for their student population. For this reason, Schools are constantly altering the curriculum to keep up with the increase in academic standards. The common core was introduced to the United States in 2009, designed to be more meticulous for students. Children in schools are learning course material beyond what their age was previously taught
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