Study Skills Assignment ( Individual Work On Organisational Behaviour

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“A clear purpose will unite you as you move forward, values will guide your behaviour, and goals will focus your energy.” -Kenneth H. Blanchard
Organisational Behaviour has been an instrument for human development. It speaks volumes about the importance of a person as a human being and as a team member. Various theories have been put forward by researchers that support this fundamental meaning of Organisational behaviour.
At the Individual Level, OB gives an analysis of a person’s learning, creativity, personality they possess, their behaviour, personal ethics and cognition. This perspective depends mainly on the basis of Human psychology, Engineering and medicine. Similarly, at a Group Level, we are able to analyse the importance of team, role of every member and the characteristics they must possess including power, leadership, interpersonal skills and communication which are supported by theories from sociological and socio-psychological sciences.2
The theories that I have taken for a critical analyses using compare-contrast technique are
Theories for INDIVIDUAL’S Analysis Theories for TEAMWORK Analysis
1. Nohria’s Emotional needs theory 1. Expectancy theory
2. Maslow’s Hierarchy theory 2. Equity theory
Nohria’s Emotional Needs theory vs. Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory:
Nitin Nohria and his colleagues have framed the Emotional Needs theory (2008) which explains about four drives (acquire, bond,…
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