Study Skills and Infomation Literacy for Students

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Excellent study skills and information literacy are essential for the successful path of education in every student’s life. Nowadays, students face more challenges in their daily tasks and duty due to the accelerating progress of information, communication and technology. They have step their feet into the zone of competition among others to obtain outstanding achievements in each thing they perform. So, how are they going to ensure if they could acquire these meets and criteria to express themselves as great achievers? Therefore, it is crucial for them to adapt and practice these study skills and information literacy in their life.

Study skills are the abilities and approaches applied to learning. They are generally critical to
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“Information is, in fact, our most precious resource. In such a world, education should empower everyone, not the few. But for information to become knowledge, and ultimately, one hopes, wisdom, it must be organized. In this new climate, the public interest challenge, beyond access and equity is sorting and selection” (Boyer, 1997, p. 140). We are outfitting our schools, libraries, and homes with electronic technologies. But are we preparing students for the onslaught of information that is provided by these technologies. What happens when students get more information from the internet and than previously conveyed by their teachers or textbooks? What should a student do when faced with so many informational possibilities? This is where information literacy establishes it’s important thus, they need to understand and differentiate between types of information. They must define the need of the information and relating it to knowledge. These are all the implementation of information literacy which benefits students during their study time. Furthermore, they will not be panic once get an abundant supply of information, because they are already exposed to the method on how to manage such information. Hence, they will solve the specific problem regarding that matter with a suitable solution without any distractions and pressure.

To articulate more on our study skills’ topic, one of the most important skill is the time
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