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Mrs. Sears 8th grade SS
The American Civil War Review Scavenger Hunt
Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.
(Place your cursor before the question mark and type your question. Highlight a word or words and link to the web site where the answer is located.)
1. Who was the president of the Confederate States of America? _jefferson davis___________________
2. became the first president of the American Red Cross.
3. President Abraham Lincoln was assasinated on __________(date) in Washington D.C. by _____________________?
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22. Lincoln gave the speech known as the _________________________ on __________ (date) to honor the memory of people killed during this great battle to protect democracy.
23. The siege of Fort Sumter by the Confederate States of America occurred on ______________ (date).
24. The South hoped for Europe 's support during the Civil War because the South _______________________ ____________________________________________________________.
25. _________________ were people in the South who wanted to withdraw from the Union.
26. The _____________________ was a NC ironclad ship used to ram Union vessels.
27. The ___________________________ was a ruling by the Supreme Courth that black slaves were property and did not have the same rights as white citizens.
28. List 2 strengths for both the North and the South. _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________.
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