Study To Find Romaticism and Family as Perceived by Japanese, German and American College Students

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Simmons, Vom Kolke and Shimizu conducted a study involving Unmarried University students from Japanese, German, and American descent. Theses participants were tested using the “Hobard Scale of Romanticism and the Attitudes Towards Love Scale”, where participants either agreed or disagreed with the responses given (Simmons, Vom Kolke and Shimizu, 1896). After completing the tests results showed that Romantic Love, was less valued within the Japanese individuals, than the German and American individuals. German subjects reported a high value on romantic love, and showed a true passion for the idea that “love will last forever” (Simmons, Vom Kolke and Shimizu, 1896). German subjects show a great difference from Japanese subjects in their high importance of romantic love and the relationship two people form together naturally out of pure connection. Simmons, Vom Kolke and Shimizu (1896) claim, “They differed from the other samples in agreeing that the institution of marriage may result in disillusionment, but were nonetheless stronger in their belief that true love lasts forever”. Although Japanese subjects do believe in the ideas that love lasts forever, they differ in their idea that marriage may not be as great as others believe it to be. Japanese subjects acknowledge the pessimistic view that even though…
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