Study Uses A Descriptive Research Method

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This study uses a descriptive research method. Descriptive research tends to combine both qualitative and quantitative methods in its approach. The aim of descriptive research is not to discover a clear cut, cause-and-effect relationship so much as illustrate the realities of a situation at its surface, leaving the analysis of those facts to the researcher. DATA SOURCES: Primary Data: The Primary data was collected by administering a structured survey to employees and also through observations, interviews, and discussion with a management team. Secondary Data: The secondary data was collected through Internet research, records from Choongam Sports Center, etc. SAMPLING DESIGN: Sample population: There are total 50 employees working in the organization. Sample Size: Out of the total population, the sample is taken among respondents from Choongam Sports Center employees. Sample Area: The research was conducted at Choongam Sports Center. Sample Method: The research was based on the administered questionnaire completed at the convenience of the employees. METHODS used for ANALYSIS: Contact method: the research was conducted with physical elements such as the questionnaire, as well as personal interviews and observation. The data was taken from sports trainers as well as management staff. Data Analysis Technique: The data is analyzed with a percentage method, which is a useful tool for comparing multiple components. It can clearly illustrate the relationship

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