Study When I Registered For College For The First Time

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I was not sure at all what I wanted to study when I registered for college for the first time. Getting a degree on Office Management Technology or Law Enforcement were my choices; I decided I would take two classes from Law Enforcement first since the classes listed on a sheet that the counselor gave me seem interesting to me. I register for two law classes, Intro to law enforcement and Intro to criminology. The first class that I took was Intro to criminology. As I walk in the class room the first day of school on January 8, 2016, I see an officer seating on his desk with a white shirt with a gold star, radio and a gun, his pants were blue and had black boots. To me he seem he was in his late 50 he had nothing but white hair. Before that I had seen officers with blue color shirt and blue pants. I didn’t had a clue why was he on white uniform. Class began and he started to introduce himself; "Leonard S. Rutka is my name, I will be your professor for the whole semester" he announced with a firm strong loud voice. As he 's talking my friend and I just hold our hands and felt how nervous we were as we heard his strong firm voice. It was the very first time we had attend college class, we were expecting something else. I was expecting to see a professor like any other, not a professor that is a chief with gun and gold stars. As class when by we notice that he wasn 't has mean as we thought he started talking to us more and more about the course not about
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