Study of Chinese Investments and Influence in Africa and Its Impacts on Society

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Summary: Chinese financial injections have been supporting economies of many African countries in recent years. Chinese business enterprises created new working positions, helped to improve infrastructure, brought new technologies and also cheap products which could African people afford more then the ones exported from Europe or USA. However, later it appeared that China’s increasing influence doesn’t lead African countries only to prosperity and better life but started to cause problems. Nowadays, there are many questions whether Chinese expansion to Africa has positive or negative impact, especially in terms of respecting human and worker’s rights, environmental issues, protection of local labor markets and constantly blooming…show more content…
Unfortunately, China’s neutral status towards dreadful dictators in places like Zimbabwe or Sudan makes no contributions to regime changes in these countries. That’s the main difference between China’s and other countries development aid. Unlike China, the World Bank, EU or most of other countries see the main source in heading for better improvements in political, legal and educational system in African countries and these are the areas where their financial funds are flowing. The help to Africa should be based on effort which would change the system in most of the countries and in this case money is just small instrument, there needs to be somebody who would really care and observe the situation. However, in case of China, apparently the most important drive force is a possible benefit. Another problem connected with Chinese presence in Africa is the environmental protection. Comparison of Investors in Africa Chinese investments in Africa are usually concentrated in industry areas which are environmentally very sensitive; such as mining, oil exploration, infrastructure projects etc. China wants to make previously inaccessible resources accessible but this strategy has serious environmental risks because of developing projects in ecologically fragile regions and in protected territories and in countries with weak governance

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